Thursday, December 29, 2005

Recommended Gas Economic Sites

You might have become frustrated or infuriated by the ever-increasing gas prices by now, right? At least I am now. You just can't know what type of solution or tactics to use to handle the situation like this. Here is one tip for you before you go to gas station: go to this website and check out the cheapest and closest gas station near you before you pump your car.
Another tip I heard from radio the other day is that you might loose half gallon of gas if you pump 5 gallons of gasoline at a regular or worn out pump station. So my tip is to add your gas slowly and find the newest pump. Believe it or not, half gallon of gas costs a lot if you add up all of your bills.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Save Gasoline from Engine

Here is my promised experience with the cutting edge micro-metal technology engine treatment.

Before I applyied the treatment, my 1990 Nissan Axxess mini van could only got an 18 mpg on average. Then I added one bottle of the product which costs about $10 into my engine after the oil changed. I could feel immediately the softness and eveness of acceleration when I pressed the gas pedal. I was so exciting at the moment. Then I tried to keep track of the mileages each tank of gasoline could operate and calculated the average of 22 mpg.

The image above is my other car 1999 Honda Sedan front wheel drive and the average is 27 mpg after I applied the treatment. I tried to find 1999 specification on the internet to make comparison but saw 2005 honda's mpg. Guess what, it averages 21+30=25.5 mpg! It's just unbelievable! Mine 1999 Honda accord could beat 2005 Honda sedan with 1.5 more!

Anyway, here are some of the core functions why the micro-metal technology could work. The micro lead metals could fill pits, crevices and scratches caused by long time uneven wearing and frictions. Thus the engine's performance could be improved. You could tell from the following aspects:

1. Start up. Because those micro metals stay in between surfaces between engine metals, crafts, they could act as lubricant when you start your car, a time when oil usually stays in the pan.
2. Better heat dissipating. Lead has a very good heat conductivity, so it can dissipate heat very well when the engine is in normal running state, thus increasing gasoline engine performance.
3. The plating properties of the high-grade copper provide better lubrication, thus increase gasoline mileage. It also decreases gasoline emissions.
4. Out performs all other soft film technology on the current market through test.
5. Engine could even run without engine oil for quite a long period. Magic? There is testimonials!

For more information, please check here:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tips on Saving Gasoline

Here is your free solution for the unbelievable high gasoline price! You are more than welcome to post the results of your gasoline mileage savings on this blog after you apply my tips and also feel free to pass the link to your friends. Following is a complete list of tips on how to save on gas price pain:

1. Maintain your car regularly. Replace air filter and oil filter on time to increase gas efficiency. The price for these iems are affordable. Check tires regularly and keep them inflated so you save gas from technical side.

2. Don't fill engine oil too full or over the maximum level because it will produce more resistance to crank shaft thus causing high gas consumption.

3. Try not run air conditioning since it will bring more burden to the gasoline engine thus more gas cost. But when the speed is over 85miles/hour, you need to close the window to reduce air dynamic resistance.

4. Add unleaded gasoline at night when temperature is low, thus gas is more dense and you get more weight of gasoline per dollar .

5. Add gas during weekdays rather than weekends or holidays when gas price is lower. I usually add half or just enough for the journey when the gasoline price is high; add full tank when the gas price is low.

6. Get to know your car better to generate best gasoline efficiency. First homework is to find out how many miles your gasoline car could slide after you release gas pedal.

7. Get to know your car even better to save more on gas. Second homework is to find out how many more miles your car could slide after you press just a little bit on the brake. There is a switching point or threshold where transmission braking is released before braking system is applied.

8. Frequent switching lanes would also increase gas consumption. Stay on one lane and drive on an even speed. Don't talgate and keep certain distance in front of you thus reducing abrupt braking and even dagerous situation.

9. Don't start and stop immediately. Heavy foot will cost you in the long run even when the gasoline price is not a hot topic.

10. Look far far away for the traffic condition and traffic lights. Release gas pedal on yellow light and slide as long as possible before applying brake.

11. Try to let the gasoline engine running speed fall in between 2000-3000 rpm when accelerating.

12. Use cruise control and overdrive on highway as much as possible.

13. Remove ski rack or bike rack from the top of your car if you have one to reduce air resistance. Remove excess weight from your trunk.

14. Apply gas of higher grade once in a while because it will clean oil pipes and tubes even though its price is higher.

15. Car pooling is the ultimate gasoline saver in this war against high gas price.

16. Apply certain gasoline credit card which provides you cash back at some gasoline stations or coupons to reduce unit gas price.

17. Apply good brand engine gasoline additives if their price is not too high. I applied one on my old 1999 Nissan mini van and gas mileage was increased from 18 to 22. How much money I saved? That's a lot. Plus, it adds more benefits and gas effiency to the engine.

18. Plan your destination carefully and get a detailed driving route. The price of getting lost is pretty high. Use the shortest route.

19. Avoid bumping or soft dirt road because they will increase oil gasoline consumption.

20. Use inner lane when turn.

21. Switch to neutral position when idling.

22. Switch to high gear if you are mannul shifting.

I will post a detailed experience for my application of special engine oil additive later on for your future reference when the usa gasoline market is even higher. For more informaion please visit: